What is Event Signals?

Signals helps you to see what events might have caused your business' transactions on a certain date to be higher or lower than usual.

When you access Signals in the web app, your transactions by date are plotted on a graph. By clicking a point on the graph, you're able to see a list of what events may have occurred on or around these dates to help you identify what might have caused your transactions excess.

Use the Significance slider above your graph to highlight the dates which had an extreme or negative excess (represented by a pink dot on the line graph). The higher the significance, the larger the excess.


Because Signals helps take the guesswork out of knowing why your transactions increased or decreased on a certain date, it allows you to plan for similar events coming up in the future.

You'll also be able to understand when people are most likely to book relative to an event (if you have an initiated and completed dates in your data). This way, you can do tactical ad spend for destinations to attract customers in source locations e.g. where public or school holidays are occurring. Or, understand when you should be having more customer support and sales staff on, relative to major events.   

There's a lot of science behind Signals, and it's an algorithm that we're continuously working on to make even more intelligent, intuitive and useful.

Soon we'll be able to predict future events that may have an impact on your business, so make sure you watch this Signals space!