What does Event Visibility Window mean?

Event visibility window refers to how many days into the past and future you can look up events when doing an event search  via PredictHQ's API or Control Center.

For Data License subscriptions, you can have historic and/or future event visibility. Get a quote here.

For Event Search subscriptions, you only have future event visibility, with a 2 week historic buffer.

Your plan's event visibility only affects your events search i.e. the date range you want to look up events for either in events, map or calendar view (in the web app), and it also affects your timeline of visible events in FOCUS.

Your FOCUS timeline of visible events will match your web app plan's event visibility window.

For example: Say, today is 1st June 2016.

With a 7 day event visibility window, you can search and/or see events from today + 7 days forward and 7 days back. In other words, events from 25th May 2016 to 8th June 2016.

It does not affect:

  • The ability to view an event details page that is outside of your event visibility window. 
  • Your project and task due dates.
  • Your custom event alert dates.
  • Your custom reminder dates.

For the free Developer Plan, your event visibility is by default 30 days future event visibility. If you need this to be widened, please contact us. We will approve an extension only for special use cases.

Please note free API trials were discontinued as of 4 September 2019. We instead introduced a free Developer Plan which you can switch over to if you wish to continue testing our API until you're ready to move onto a paid plan. The Developer Plan has the same limits as the free API trial however there is no end date to allow you to test for a longer period.