What are Seats and how does it work?

A seat is required for each person in your Organisation who is part of your Web App Group, including pending invitations. 

Admin-only members in your Organisation do not count towards your seats used.

The number of seats you need to purchase is based on how many users in your Organisation you want in your Web App Group. 

You can adjust your seats at any time, so you are only paying for the number of seats you need. If you add more seats, the cost of the new seats is prorated for the time remaining in your current billing period so your renewal dates for new seats will always coincide with your existing seats.

You can also remove seats if you feel you have too many in your Organisation. When you remove seats, you do not receive a refund back to your credit card. Instead, any excess payment amount will be credited to your PredictHQ Organisation's account. The credit balance will be put towards your next bill. If you have any credit, this will be shown in your Billing page.

If all your seats are filled and you want to remove seats, you must remove some members from your Web App Group first.

To add or remove seats, you must first be a member of your Organisation's Admin Group so you can access the Billing section of the app.

  1. Log into PredictHQ.
  2. Click your profile image in the header.
  3. Click Billing.
  4. Under your Web App Plan - Usage section, click Adjust Seats. NB: you must have a Web App Plan first to see this. 
  5. In the popup, select whether you wish to add or remove seats.
  6. Indicate the number of seats that you wish to add or remove.
  7. Check your details then click confirm.

If you're not an Admin for your Organisation, get in touch with someone in your team who is so they can adjust seats for your Organisation.