What are Saved Searches and how do I create one?

Saved Searches are a quick filter to get to the events you’re interested in. You can use them to get alerts about events that match those searches.
To create a Saved Search:

  1. Click Events on your left-hand navigation in the web app.
  2. Search for the kind of events you're interested in. Use the category, location, rank and date filters as well as keywords too. 
  3. Click Save This Search.
  4. Name your search.
  5. Decide if you would like to receive alerts for events that match your search criteria and if so, how far in advance you want to be notified of the events. Note: If the search that you're saving contains unscheduled events, you will receive alerts as soon as possible.
  6. Click the Save Search button.

You can access your Saved Searches from three different places in the web app:

  1. From the Events section where you do your searches - next to the search box is a drop down list of all your Saved Searches.
  2. By hovering over Events on your left-hand navigation in the app.
  3. Click your profile photo in the header then click Settings followed by Saved Searches.