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Using Account Settings

Using the account settings app to manage your profile, invite others to your organization and to manage your subscription


Account Settings includes the functionality described below. These settings are accessible from the menu on the left:

Navigating Between Account Settings and Other Apps

Clicking on the icon with three hexagons on the top right of Account Settings displays the app switcher and allows you to navigate to Control Center and other apps.  Loop, Data Exporter and the Tableau Connector will display if you have access to these apps via your subscription.  The Data Exporter and the Tableau Connector  can be accessed as part of a Data License Subscription (Contact Us if you are interested).


In the navigation options in the top right of Control Center you can also access Help details as shown below.  Select this option to find API documentation, link to our Support knowledge base and to Contact us.

Clicking on your initials in the top right allows you to switch organisations and logout.  Switching organisations is available if your account is a member of multiple organisations.


  • Allows you to view all the members of your organization. 
  • You can invite new members to your organization to give them access to your API subscription.  See How do I invite people into my Organization?
  • You can remove members who no longer need access.


  • View full details of your API plan. 
  • Request changes to your plan - to request changes to your plan click on the on/off toggle items to request an upgrade or change to your plan. For example if you want to make a change to the places you have access to, click on the edit icon under places. To change your event visibility click on the links to "Increase visibility." 


  • View and update your billing details. 
  • View invoices. You can find invoices at the bottom of the billing page.


  • Update your profile including your name, e-mail, job title, phone number, location and time zone. See also How do I update my email address?
  • View and update details for your organization including name, description, industry, use cases, location and intended use.
  • Update connections to log in with third party accounts. This includes support for Github, Google and LinkedIn. Connecting your login to these accounts lets you log in with your Github, Google or LinkedIn username and password.
  • Update your e-mail preferences to control what e-mails you receive.