How do I verify my email account?

When you sign up for an account with PredictHQ, you need to verify your email address. You will be sent an automated email where you simply need to click the 'Verify your email' button.   

If your account is left unverified, your access to PredictHQ will be blocked after 7 days until you verify your account. The same applies for if you update your email address in PredictHQ.

If you did not receive the verification email, check your email's spam folder as sometimes emails may end up there. Alternatively, follow these steps to automatically resend yourself the verification email.

  1. Log into PredictHQ.
  2. Click your profile image in the header.
  3. Click My Account.
  4. If your account is unverified, you will see a blue header like in the image below. 
  5. Click Resend Verification Email.
  6. Check your email.
  7. Click Verify Your Email in the verification email.

Unverified account

If your account has already been verified, you will not see the blue header message like in the above image when you are viewing your profile page.