How do I get alerts?

You can get alerts for events that you're interested in as well as your project & tasks.

You can get alerts by:

  1. Creating a Saved Search
  2. Setting a custom alert for an individual event
  3. Enabling project & task notifications in your Notifications & Subscriptions

Creating a Saved Search

When you save your search, you can select how far in advance you want to be notified for events that match your search. Those notifications will become your alerts.

On the pop-up that appears after you click Save This Search, name your search then follow these steps to start receiving alerts:

Saved searches - desktop

  1. Click the checkbox.
  2. Click the drop down menu options to select how far in advance you want to receive alerts for events matching this search. 
  3. Click Save Search.

When there are events that match your search, we'll notify you based on your advancement setting.

NB: alerts for unscheduled events will always be sent as soon as possible.

New alerts will appear in your Alerts Inbox and in your Alerts menu in the header of the web app.

Setting a custom alert for an individual event

When you're viewing an event details page, you can create a custom alert so you'll get notified about the event on a date and time of your choosing. 

Custom Alert

To set a custom alert:

  1. Click Create An Alert.
  2. Set a date and time that you want to receive the alert.
  3. Click Apply.

Enabling project & task notifications

You can stay up to date with important project & task updates by enabling your notifications and subscriptions for the projects you want. You'll get alerts for when you've been added to a project, when there's projects or tasks due, when someone has made a comment on a task or when tasks have been marked as complete (as well as marked incomplete again).

Subscribe to the projects you want to receive alerts for in your Notifications & Subscriptions.