Can I give PredictHQ a go on a free trial basis?


We understand that customers prefer to try before they buy, so with PredictHQ, you can do exactly that. You don't even need to enter your credit card details to try our products out during the free trial period.

Simply sign up for PredictHQ, then test-drive our web app or test out our API for 30 days - all for free.

Web app trials will be for 14 days after which at the end of the trial you will automatically be downgraded to a free web app plan.

Being on the free web app plan means you will still be able to access PredictHQ, but you will only have a 7 day event visibility window

At the end of API trials, you will not be able to access PredictHQ anymore. Please contact us to discuss a custom API plan. 

Please note, only Admins can activate a full plan.

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