What's the difference between the Event Search API and Data Licence?

Event Search API

The Event Search API is self-serve and enables you to find relevant events with a simple REST call so you can display events on your map, calendar, revenue management system or whatever your application may be. The plans are tiered by monthly request quotas and rate limits.

This is better suited for customers who wish to display our events with no analysis or enrichment done on the data.

You cannot download and store our data with the Event Search API.

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Data Licence

The Data Licence allows you to:

  • Download and store our data
  • Do data modeling and analysis
  • Enrich your own dataset to produce and sell derivative work

With the Data Licence you can make requests to your own stored copy vs the Event Search API where you would make live requests forwarded to our server.

The Data Licence pricing is based on:

  • How many countries you need cover for
  • How much event visibility you need
  • How many categories you need
  • How many applications the events will be used in
  • Your need to download and store our data
  • Your need to do data modeling and analysis 
  • Your need to enrich your own dataset to produce and sell derivative work

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