Does PredictHQ have historical event data?

Yep, we sure do.

It does vary though, how far back our events go. This is because PredictHQ aggregates events from a large number of different sources. Therefore, how far events date back varies between categories and locations.

As a general guide:

  • Politics goes all the way back to 2000.
  • Concerts, sports, expos, public holidays, observances, performing arts, community, disasters, severe weather and
    daylight savings goes back to around 2011.
  • Terror goes back to around 2012.
  • Festivals and school holidays go back to around 2013.
  • Conferences and airport delays go back to around 2014.

Historical event data can be used in business analysis and is only available with a Data License.

How far back and how far forward you can search and return events depends on your event visibility.